Welcome To Hines Park Segway Rental

Information: Take a journey through time to learn about our areas rich and diverse cultural and natural history. Nature Era exhibits feature live reptiles, amphibians and fish from the Rouge River watershed. Visitors learn that this area is still a very important habitat for wildlife and discover ways to protect Rouge River water quality. We provide Segway trail riding in the park.

A Segway is a two-wheeled, self-balancing, battery-operated human transportation vehicle. It is operated in a standing position. Computers, sensors, and electric motors in the base of the Segway keep the device upright when powered on with balancing enabled. The Segway leaves no carbon footprint. We can give you ten reasons to glide with Hines Park Segway rental:
• Always safe guided tours
• Safe hands on training with a trained guide
• Tour times start when all training is complete.
• Well maintained Segways, Bikes, and Nature Trails.
• 17 miles of the park with walkways and trails in the woods to glide.
• We do not govern our Segways down.
• Three different tours to choose from 1 hour, 1.5 hours and 2-hour tour.
• Free bottled water with your glider.
• We have special group rates.
• Our guides are Exciting, Interesting, Funny, and Goofy.

A Segway is not only easy to ride, but it is also much fun! Imagine covering many territories — without expending many energies. That is the beauty of riding a Segway. . The rider glides smoothly as the Segway senses where you want to go. We provide riding rentals to customers from Westland, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Garden City, Wayne and many other nearby cities. Contact us for further information. Please contact our events planner for further information. So consider us for that birthday party or special event! Learn More

Service Areas:

  • Westland
  • Detroit
  • Ann Arbor
  • Garden City
  • Wayne